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We've been in the CAMRA Good Beer Guide 2020 and 2021 and 2022 which we are 'over-the-moon' about.CAMRA is the worlds greatest beer promoter. Without the efforts of CAMRA we would have a very much diminished beer scene - they are an independent organisation.INDEPENDENCE IS ESSENTIAL to keep beer being produced and sold...Independently!

At Drummers Bar Beer is our speciality, – buying beers from around the County – but with some extra beers from further afield, we keep our bar brimming with great flavours.


Drummers Bar Witney

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Its all about the beer

Beer is the most varied beverage in the World.  There are many styles but only a few ingredients are needed to produce many of them.

The Reinheitsgebot (a German purity law) can be traced back to 1516 in Bavaria and in 1906 when it went Germany-wide.  It basically says that the ingredients of beer should be limited to Hops, Barley and Water (yeasts were not fully understood in the 14th Century and were probably air-borne).  Yeast is essential to making alcohol from the sugars in the malt and in 1906 this would have been perfectly understood…so – four basic ingredients.

Modern brewers also put in ‘adjuncts’.

An adjunct is something other than the four main ones, like plums – found as the flavour in the magnificent ‘Titanic Brewery Plum Porter’.  There are many other adjuncts which, with the ingeniousness of the modern brewer, have – in the modern era, expanded the range of beer styles to an almost limitless set of possibilities.

The beers at Drummers Bar change and revolve week to week.  They are all kept in our temperature-controlled cellar and delivered to the bar in perfect condition.

You will normally find something new, and also something familiar on the bar.

We like to find new beers that are great drinking and naturally, some of them come back again…and again – because they’re great!

There are GLUTEN FREE Beers always on the Beer Board – sometimes as many as seven!

…a word about gluten-free…

Gluten-free Beer…it’s just beer!…

To make a gluten-free-beer, the brewer makes the beer in the traditional way then adds roughly an egg-cupfull  of a natural enzyme to the mass brew.  This breaks down the gluten molecules. This means that your stomach doesn’t have to do it.  There is nothing taken out of the beer and you won’t taste any difference…just great beer!

Drummers Bar Witney
Drummers Bar Witney

Included in the book for three years running
2020, 2021 and 2022


Something to drink for everone

We have a small selection of superb bottled and canned beers – plus ciders and a small selection of wines and spirits plus the traditional pub soft-drinks.
Because we are a small venue we can only carry a certain amount of stock. BUT…we have a super wine selection…of three! A pale blush Rose from France and also a French Sauvignon Blanc both of which hit the mark. Plus for the red we have an Argentinian Malbec…!
We stock Local Cotswold Gin and Cotswold Single Malt Whisky.
You could even have a Cognac…

If you just need a coffee we can serve you a high-end-instant (Nescafe Azera) for a pound!
We can also put syrups (Toffee Nut and Caramel ) or spirits into your coffee – Caribbean Coffee (Rum), Irish Coffee (Whisky) or maybe a Cognac?…that’ll warm you up!

And the band plays on...

Live Music

Whilst we do not have a regular slot for bands to play, we do have the occasional musician or two turn up and have an impromptu play in the bar. Sundays and sometimes Wednesday evenings, you may find something going on.

However, nothing gets too loud, so you can’t hear yourself talk! And we DO like talking…you won’t be alone unless you wish to be.

we have Spotify on the speaker system, so you can always request your favourites to be put on…free of course. (…doesn’t have to be ‘Free’ although they are a great band!)

Did someone mention Chicken

Hot Food

Most Friday & Saturday

YY Korean Chicken

Baz and his Cart turn up the heat to delight your taste buds with his cooking.

Available between 4 pm and 8 pm every Friday and Saturday.

Drummers Bar Witney
Drummers Bar Witney
Drummers Bar Witney Mobile bar
Drummers Bar Witney
Mobile Bar - Parties - Buffets

The Event Bar

We can help you

Drummers have a mobile bar perfect for Weddings, Events, Festivals etc.


We can also do small buffets for Parties, Product launches etc., in the bar itself. Please get in touch to find out more about how we can help. 


Its not a secret

We are down the long alley-way that runs off the Market Place where you’ll see ‘Smarts Fish and Chip Shop’ or if coming from the other end you’ll see ‘SOTA Art Gallery’ which is almost next door to the pub!

Get in touch

If you have a question for us or need to know more about the beer, then please get in touch. We will try and reply within 24 hours, so please be patient. 

We are a social place and that's why we would love you to join us on social media